The services of Cantwell Grove, which are updated from time to time, in relation to the SSAS in accordance with the Trust Deed, include the following: –

1. Register the Scheme with HMRC under Part 4 of the Act and deal with any related HMRC queries.

2. Act as Scheme Administrator and carry out all the statutory obligations of the Scheme Administrator under the Act and the powers and duties of the Administration under the Trust Deed including:

(a) complying with statutory reporting requirements to HMRC;

(b) handling claims for tax relief on contributions to the Scheme and ensuring that valid claims for tax relief are submitted and allocating and reconciling tax relief payments received from HMRC, including the recovery of any tax relief deducted at source under the PRAS Regulations and income tax deducted from investment receipts; and

(c) administering contributions to the Scheme;

3. Administering transfer payments into the Scheme from, and from the Scheme to, other legally acceptable pension arrangements.

4. Opening, closing and managing the Scheme’s bank account(s) to which the Trustees are also signatories.

5. Administering and reconciling all Scheme investment transactions and all payments to and from the Scheme.

6. Administering and arranging for the payment of benefits from the Scheme including lump sum death benefits, annuities and income drawdown.

7. Arranging for the safe keeping of appropriate Scheme records including records of members, benefits payable, contributions paid, investments bought and sold and documents of title or original legal documents.

8. Liaising with the Scheme Trustees and the Trustees’ adviser(s) (if any) as required.

9. Handling statutory reporting requirements to the Pensions Regulator (in relation to the Scheme) and to Companies House (in relation to the Scheme’s Principal Employer but only if the Principal Employer is, and meets the requirements of being, a dormant company).

10. Responding to reasonable Trustees and members queries in relation to the Scheme.

11. Implementing pension sharing, earmarking and attachment orders.

12. Where applicable, taking all administrative steps necessary to complete the winding up of the Scheme (where a wind up is triggered).

13. The deduction of all tax and tax charges from the Fund or any payment due from the Scheme and accounting to HMRC for all tax due.

14. Dealing with any required data protection registrations.

15. Arranging payment of any statutory levies.

16. Arrange for payment of / deduction of Charges.

17. Obtain medical evidence required as a statutory precondition for payment of ill health benefits.

18. Deal with any other statutory disclosure requirements on behalf of the Trustees e.g. production of benefit statements.

19. Commission annual report and accounts or audited accounts for the Scheme (where required by law).

20. Provision of a trust deed and rules to establish the Scheme.